K L Kingston

Northern California


I started life in San Francisco, California. A hop over the bridge, and life in a quiet suburban setting began. My passion has been to see that the farms and ranches remain with the families that worked so hard for so many generations be able to maintain them without the constant pressure from developers. In return, they give us the quiet bucolic beauty of the countryside, the fresh fruits and vegetables we set down to eat, and a place for the animals, bees, and birds to feel freedom and safety.

At the present time, the images being offered are mainly photographs of life in the Bay Area, California. From time to time, paintings will be offered by the artist as well.

All of the images maintain copyright and all rights are reserved by K L Kingston. None of the images are to be copied or reproduced whatsoever unless by written permission from the artist.

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Hello! Welcome to my online shopping experience here, that offers scenes that are California coastal and rural including farm and ranch animals that reside up and down the northern coast.

You will find both my paintings and photo captures here and the descriptions that will tell the story.

Being raised in the Bay Area, I have seen the shrinking of our vital marsh lands and the farms and ranches in constant threat of being paved over by aggressive developers.

What I have captured here, is a small sample of what I have always loved about these diverse and natural areas.

What I cannot capture, remains in my memory: The sound of Great Horned Owls as I drifted off to sleep at night, and the chorus of a thousand frogs singing together on a warm Spring evening. Sentimental? You bet!

The necessary:
All images that I have displayed here are copyrighted and all rights are reserved by K.L.Kingston. The reproduction or copying of any of the images is not allowed whatsoever, without the express prior written permission from K.L.Kingston.

The watermarks you see on some of the images will not be transferred when the items are ordered.

Enjoy, and feel free to contact me for any questions or requests. Your comments are always welcome!